A site about converting ideas into agency and ultimately, progress, defying the surly bonds which attempt to impose restrictions on positive trajectory, one eye on the goal, and the other on the instrument panel.

Major checkpoint complete — reached Level 130 in the Halo 4 online play point capture. Finally.

Some other checkpoints include completing a career in the military, earning my degree and having a cool position as a member of a great team of defense contractors, among other things .

Until the Fire Nation invaded post-recession. Blogworthy times as a displaced professional, but I have been able (and implicitly encouraged) to bring some of my professional background to the current table, and I’m assimilating those experiences into my emerging process towards a new outcome.

Pretty much confirmed my MBTI and all that comes with that. #INTJftw. More of a systems analyst than a business, and I enjoy using that skill preference whenever possible.